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About ProHealth Chiropractic Center

Chiropractor Dr. Dustin Judd opened ProHealth Chiropractic Center in 2006, to be closer to his roots in Teague, and provide a place for families in the Corsicana community to proactively improve their health. Rather than waiting for your well-being to break down, we’ll help you change your lifestyle, allowing you to achieve what you want in life. Our team has a genuine concern for all your family members, and a passion for increasing their wellness.

Achieve Your Greatest Potential

We want you to experience life as healthy as possible. Your nervous system controls every function of the body, and we focus on keeping the integrity, so your body can handle and adapt to stress. When your nervous system works optimally, you have the opportunity to live your best life.

Get a Healthy Start

We focus on starting chiropractic care early, allowing children to grow up healthier, with a better life experience, free from all possible medications, or frequent doctor visits. By starting care at a young age, you may avoid many common diseases and sicknesses, and be more active in your later years.

Our family-centered philosophy extends to expectant mothers, working with them before conception to help them have a more comfortable pregnancy and successful delivery. We even have several success stories with women who were unable to get pregnant before starting care. After receiving chiropractic care here, they enjoyed stress-free pregnancies, leading to healthy children. Newborns checked after birth allow us to ensure your little one stays well too!

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Tools and Techniques

With advanced technology, such as the Insight™ Subluxation Station, to help us identify areas of concern in your body, we’re able to get to the source of your problems. If needed, we also have digital X-rays on-site.

Our techniques are safe, comfortable, and effective for all ages, including children and expectant moms. Those most frequently used in our practice include

  • Tonal Technique
  • Diversified
  • Drop Table
  • Cox Flexion-Distraction
  • ArthroStim®

We may use any combination of techniques to give the results you want and need. Dr. Judd may give you exercises, nutritional counseling or lifestyle advice to assist in your recovery.

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