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Pregnancy Chiropractic at ProHealth Chiropractic Center

A Happy, Healthy Mom and Baby

Whether you’re hoping to become pregnant or want the best possible health for your growing baby, we’re here to help you at ProHealth Chiropractic Center.

Pregnancy is a time filled with incredible changes leading up to one of life’s most exciting occurrences—the arrival of your new baby. Stress on the mom, however, may mean stress on the baby and lead to pain and birthing complications. With Dr. Judd’s regular chiropractic checks, we ensure your body stays in balance, so you and your baby remain healthy.

Doctor with mom and child

After the Baby Is Here

Though you may have had a positive delivery experience in the past, there’s always a chance of stress on your new bundle of joy. The number one reason we see children under the age of 3 is due to birth trauma. We recommend you have your baby checked as soon as possible after they’re born, to gently check their alignment.

New moms have a lot to deal with—lack of sleep, carrying around the baby, and a packed diaper bag, not to mention your body still has a lot of hormones in its system. Your body hasn’t had a chance to rebound from the birth experience, and you’re having a hard time pulling it all together.

Coming in for care is good for your body, mind, and spirit. We’ll help your body back into alignment, ease some stress, and put you back on track.

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You deserve to enjoy a healthy and happy pregnancy. Schedule your first appointment with our friendly, professional team today!

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