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Success Stories

Photo of patient AngelMy son Angel is 6 years old and on the autism spectrum. He had one of the biggest improvements of his life August of 2017, after his visits with Dr. Judd!

We were facing some of the biggest challenges of our lives. Angel was having severe meltdowns, not sleeping at all, pinching and biting everyone and everything in sight. None of the therapies were working for him, and I had become desperate for help. I started my research and the first one to pop up was Dr. Judd. I had already heard a lot of amazing things about him and decided to give it a try. I will never regret the decision that I made that day. His vocabulary of 50-75 words doubled, he can respond to questions instead of repeating everything, sleeping better and no more biting or pinching. I was so amazed to see how quickly my son changed, he is so much happier & so am I!

“This is one of the most incredible chiropractic success stories that I have ever heard and been a part of.
Thank you so much for sharing your story!” -Dr. Judd

When Cade was 7 years old, his teacher noticed that he was zoning out in class and not focusing. He wasn’t completing tasks and just couldn’t keep up. That was when he was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctor suggested putting him on medicine, but I knew the side effects that those medications have. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I saw an ad on Facebook for a “Perfect Storm” event hosted by Dr. Judd, so I watched it and immediately made an appointment to see him. Everything he talked about I had experienced with Cade, from latch issues to ear infections and digestion troubles.Photo of patient, CadeEven after the first couple of adjustments, I noticed he was sleeping better, his appetite increased, and his digestion had become more regular. I thought, surely, it was a coincidence, but after talking to Dr. Judd, I realized it was a coincidence…it was his body working properly for the first time!The school noticed, too! He was able to focus, he was completing his work on time, and no longer had those moments of “zoning out.” His grades are the highest they’ve ever been! In fact, his lowest grade on his last report card was a 97! The teacher also said he shows NO signs of ADHD anymore! (And his allergies are pretty much non-existent, which was just an added bonus!)Cade and Dr. Judd have such a strong bond and are best buds! Cade loves to get adjusted and asks all the time if it his adjustment day! I love it there, too! I feel so supported and loved, and I whole-heartedly trust Dr. Judd and his team with my baby. I strongly encourage any mom struggling with these issues with their child to talk to Dr. Judd! My only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner. -Cade’s Mom

Photo of the Duke family

My son Jake and my daughter McKenzie have both been patients of Dr. Judd’s since May of 2017. Both of them were on a daily allergy pill and nose spray since they were babies, up until May. I took them both off their medicine and they have been medicine free ever since. If they become “congested,” we come in and Dr. Judd will check them, adjust them and over the next few days they will clear right up.

I am so thankful that we made the lifestyle change and decided to get our kids “truly healthy! -Jake and McKenzie’s Mom

“Nothing excites me more than a young family making chiropractic part of their lifestyle. They stay healthy, and get to focus on the fun things in life. Thank you Aimee Duke for sharing your family’s journey towards better health!”  -Dr. Judd

Photo of patient, EliWhile Eli was never officially diagnosed, he definitely displayed the signs what people would classify as ADHD, in addition to also being very strong willed. Every day was a struggle to say the least. There was constant strife in the home and every day seemed to just spiral more and more down hill. Once he entered kindergarten is when I realized something had to change. I could not allow him to feel defeated everyday. I was already familiar with Dr. Judd and it just so happened his Perfect Storm webinar came across my news feed at just the right time. After watching I immediately made the call to ProHealth and everyday has been better since. While it is definitely not the overnight fix we all want so badly, the progress made thus far has been amazing!Homework used to take forever and usually resulted in Eli crying and me having to walk away. He has shown great improvement in every area of his life. And while the journey is still ongoing and more work is to be done, I know it will only continue uphill from here with the continued help from Dr. Judd and his amazing staff. So to all the weary parents out there who feel there are no alternatives to dealing with these issues, there is, and I have proof. When I was at my wits end, ProHealth was the answer to my prayers and I will forever be grateful. -Eli’s Mom

“We are so stoked that Eli is doing so well in school and thriving at life! The experiences of seeing these kids succeed, never gets old! So grateful for you trusting our staff and I with the health of your little man.” -Dr. Judd

Photo of patient, FrankOur son Frank has been seeing Dr. Judd for little over a year now. We were actually referred to him by a Nurse Practitioner at Navarro Regional Hospital. Frank was having really bad neck and back pain, constipation, bed wetting, and behavioral issues at school which soon started to affect his grades.

We started seeing results after just 6 weeks of seeing Dr. Judd! He is so good with him, and Frank loves to go because he knows how much it helps him. At the beginning of every school year, Frank usually misses a lot of school. I just noticed the other day that we haven’t seen his regular doctor since last school year, and he has only missed one day of school and that was due to a family emergency. He has stayed out of trouble, his grades are amazing, and he gets complements all the time from past teachers, Assistant Principals and his Principal on how amazing his behavior is this year. If it wasn’t for Dr. Judd and his staff, we would not have come this far. Frank wouldn’t be pain free and would not be able to comfortably play the sports he loves. Thanks again, ProHealth! -Frank’s Mom

“So happy to see this young man winning at life. Love his energy and passion for school and sports!” -Dr. Judd
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Photo of the Gorman familyMom Wellness Update 2/20/2018: My family does not suffer any back or neck injuries and we visit the chiropractor on a regular basis. Why? We started on a small hope that this would help with my sons neurological speech disorder, which it has, tremendously. After researching and asking Dr. Judd a million questions about chiropractic care, my husband and I decided we all should go. It has been one of the best decisions for my family. It keeps our health up, sickness down and if something creeps in, we see Dr. Judd for a quick boost to help speed up recovery. I started out a skeptic, but I am now a full believer because I see what it is done for our family, from our 1 year old to my husband. As crazy as it may sound to someone who is not familiar with chiropractic care, my sons speech has jumped leeps and bounds!!! Now my sons’s spine can deliver his brain the proper “food” so speech therapy can do its job. I am just a regular mom who was tired of going to the doctor and seeing no results. Now, I play a more proactive role and it works. Give Dr. Judd a call and ask questions! -Jag’s Mom/Mom of 4 well adjusted kiddosMom Report 2/20/2017: “We started seeing Dr. Judd because we had heard of great progress with other children who suffer from Apraxia. Apraxia is a neurological speech disorder and apparently going to the chiropractor helps to open the flow to the brain. Since we have been seeing Dr. Judd, Jag’s speech has definitely picked up. He’s becoming more vocal, able to enunciate better , and new words are coming out! His K4 (pre-k) teacher tells me how he is improving, talking more and just the other day he got a special badge in class during reading circle! He stood up and said the letters and sounds. We are super proud of our son and so glad we started going to ProHealth. We even ran into Jag’s principle this past Friday and he was very excited to say, “Jag has come such a long way! We can definitely tell a difference!” -Jag’s Mom

“Absolutely, love this family!! You guys rock a healthy crew because you are committed to it and that has made all the difference!! Thank you for sharing but most importantly thank you for allowing us to serve your family.” -Dr. Judd

Photo of patient, KennieThere are so many layers to this tiny person. And they are finally being peeled away to reveal the strong unique human I’ve known in my heart she is. When Kennie was about a year old, she began getting chronic ear infections. It seemed every time she became ill it would end up in her ears. For months we fought ear infections. She would take a round of antibiotics, be okay, then sick again in the next few weeks. By the time we were referred to our ENT her right ear was so clogged and infected he immediately had us check into the hospital for tubes the next morning. Our ENT was amazing. The tubes went in great and did their job, but Kennie’s immune system was on over load and within a few months we were sick again. It seems like every time she would get well, something else would go wrong. Antibiotics were like a band aid, it was a quick fix, but we needed to get to the root of the problem. Countless ear infections, tubes and illness seemed like a plague. Instead of a bouncy cuddly toddler, I had a stressed out and often ill child. She would not play with her toys, she wouldn’t snuggle, and she would walk around the house moaning, crying, and being mad at the world. We were lucky to have one good night a week. Her eyes were always baggy, and her meltdowns were inconsolable.

I knew it was time to take the next step. Doctor bills were stacking up (and still are). It was, and is overwhelming. I realized I wasn’t being proactive enough with our health. As a runner, fitness instructor and just fit person, I was doing things for myself for fit reasons and mental health but not enough for my kids. When I started to research, I stumbled across an ear infection work shop and it peeked my interest! What started as just a small change has turned into an overhaul for my family, and the results so far have been amazing. Kennie is healthy and is much more relaxed. She is blooming into the amazing human I knew she was all along. Now instead of walking around crying, she sings and dances. She sits in my lap, we read together, she gives hugs and kisses and smiles so much more now.

I am thankful every day for taking a leap of faith and trusting Dr. Judd and his staff. -Kennie’s Mom

“Absolutely adore us some Kennie, she lights up our afternoon with her lively spirit! She is truly an amazing human that is going to do some incredible things.” -Dr. Judd
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