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Photo of the Langley familyGrady and Sarah both suffered from severe allergies. Grady would take one allergy medications a day and Sarah took two medicines for allergies daily. Sarah would miss a couple of days a week of school at least twice a month from her allergies. Both kids had a nebulizer treatment that would be used on a regular basis.A friend of ours recommended Dr. Judd to us as her children received amazing results from his care. Within four weeks we had completely stopped all medication, including their nebulizer treatments. Now two years later they are medicine free and doing great.

“We are so proud to take care of Grady, Sarah and their entire family! We love seeing these kiddos thrive!” -Dr. Judd

Photo of patient RhettWe first came to ProHealth Chiropractic Center when Rhett was 3 1/2 months old. He was born in a very fast paced birth. Unknowing to us, this had caused Rhett to develop stress in his neck and lower back. He was having a hard time moving his neck to the left. This put a strain in his neck that made it uncomfortable and painful for him. His distress pushed us to seek help, and that is how we came to know Dr. Judd. From his first appointment, Rhett has started to become more active and in each appointment after that he is progressing more positively. He enjoys tummy time, which was hard on him before. So far, Rhett has become more energetic! He also sleeps more comfortably and has a smile on his face when he does! Another big change is that his bowel movements have become more frequent. Overall Rhett, is happier than ever. He laughs, smiles, and just shines! My baby boy is just so much more cheerful!. Many thanks to Dr. Judd and his staff from my family and me for working with Rhett! -Rhett’s Mom

“We love seeing children express their full potential in health and life. So thankful you guys decided to go a different direction and as a result get a completely different outcome for your son!” -Dr. Judd

Photo of patient TobyMy chiropractic journey began when I was 2 months pregnant. My body was going through a major change, and I was feeling it all over. I would wake up with my legs tingling and my hips in major pain. While talking to a friend, she suggested I go see Dr. Judd. From the first time I stepped through the doors of his office, I felt at home. It didn’t take long before I was feeling much better. I noticed a change almost right away. I started sleeping more soundly and my indigestion wasn’t near as bad. I found myself feeling more relaxed as my body kept changing through the pregnancy. I was able to enjoy it being that I wasn’t in any pain and was able to keep up my regular activity.Celebrating the mile stones in my pregnancy with the staff at Dr.Judd’s office was also a perk! When my due date approached, I was adjusted before I went to the hospital. I felt great and ready for a smooth delivery. After having an emergency C-section my first thought was for my baby Toby. My new mom worries were put to rest when Toby was adjusted by Dr. Judd when he was a day old. We are choosing to be Pro-Active with Toby’s health so he still sees Dr. Judd and we definitely see the results day in and day out. Toby was a great breast feeder and loves to sleep! Toby has been sleeping through the night since he was 6 weeks old! He has been healthy and happy and really enjoys his adjustments. He is a chill baby and I credit that to Dr. Judd and his staff. -Toby’s Mom

“Love seeing babies get adjusted and thrive from the beginning. So proud to be apart of yall’s story and this little guy’s debut into the world!” -Dr. Judd
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